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New Material Added March 2017

photo repairs!A beautifully-restored family photograph makes a unique and unforgettable gift!

Using a combination of traditional photography, digital technology and careful, expert hand-retouching and colouring, I am able to undertake virtually any level of renovation, from cleaning up marks and scratches to fixing major damage, changing backgrounds, removing unwanted people, making combinations of more than one photograph- you name it.

Digital restoration ensures that your original photographs will not be damaged or altered in any way
(if necessary, I may give it a bit of a clean, however).

Prints can be any size up to around 20 X 30 inches (subject to original image size and quality) and may be toned or subtly handcoloured, as you desire. They can be printed on quality art paper or genuine canvas. I also offer a full mounting and framing service to ensure that your restored photographs look their absolute best.

Additional prints may be ordered from your included backup CD at any time.

I invite you to visit and leave your comments and enquiries on my Chester Photographic Restoration Facebook page. I'm here to help- consultations are free and carry absolutely no obligation. Call me anytime: 0775 1521 600 or email

Here's a few examples of my work- click on the damaged pictures below to see what I made of them- bear in mind that my handprints are much superior to these web images!

Steve Howe


partridge restoratio
davison photo

morrow group
morrow group 2
old damaged painting

burke farm
family in park
jon family

girl on bike

portrait of a lady
portrait of a gent
group photograph
indian couple 1
india 2
chester market
mike's mum
vietnamese man

What does it cost?

• Setting up, hi-res scanning of photograph and making digital file: one-off charge: £40.00 (a vital part of the process of producing your restored new photograph). This price includes a high quality digital copy of your restored image on a CD, from which you can obtain extra prints. Considerable discount is offered when dealing with quantities of photographs.

• Handmade prints on premium paper or canvas, including subtle sepia toning, if required (measured in approx inches)...

7x5 £10.00
10x8 £20.00
16X12 £45.00
20X16 £75.00

I may advise that some smaller or less-clear images may be unsuitable for enlarging beyond certain sizes. Also please note that the final prints will sometimes be cropped to make the best of the original image and to allow for the inclusion of a white border and may not, therefore, be of exactly the specified paper size. Their proportions may mean, also, that finished prints will not look their best in standard frames. Not a problem, however, as I'm happy to help with made-to-measure framing.

Additional charges for repair, renovation, colouring etc. are dependent upon the condition of your originals. I'm happy to inspect your pictures, advise on what work is required and give a free, no-strings quotation at any time. If you require work on several pictures, I'll be pleased to offer you a discount on scanning and backup CD charges- the more pictures, the greater the saving!

The Black & White Picture Place 0775 1521 600 email

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